The Springfield Three: Twenty-Four Years, No Answers

B9317622463Z.1_20150605203452_000_G52B0GG45.1-0Springfield, MOThree beautiful women shared the joy and anticipation of a bright future in the making. One of them a proud mother; the other two on the verge of adulthood and celebrating their high school graduation. By the morning of June 7, 1992, however, they were gone without a trace. Twenty-four years later, the case of the Springfield Three remains unsolved; growing colder and colder as leads prove fruitless and the years slowly tick by. Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall disappeared from Sherrill’s home on East Delmar Street, leaving behind more questions than clues. And while many questions certainly demand answers, for me, the biggest question is why the hell isn’t this case solved?

I am not going to rehash all the case details, nor am I going to talk about the botched investigation allegations. Focusing on this stuff has done nothing to move the 3MW case forward. Family, friends, and the city as a whole have managed to pick up the pieces and move ahead with their own lives, but deep in the hearts of many, Springfield’s Three Missing Women are never forgotten. I am one of those people.

I have followed and independently investigated this missing persons case for more than a decade. I was eleven years old in June 1992, and I briefly met Suzie and Stacy at their graduation. That is an irony I have never let go, and, in fact, it is one thing that has kept me on this case for so many years. Like many others, I am not willing to give up, and I do fervently believe this case can and will be solved. I have read every article written, perused every web page, and played spectator on a number of forums dedicated to the Springfield Three. I know every piece of public information in the case. I know all the theories, opinions, and speculation. I have gone over the suspect list hundreds of times. And, I have certainly witnessed a slew of unnecessary drama. I used to write frequently 3MW articles on my old blog, and I also published an editorial in the Springfield News-Leader nearly every year for a time. However, after fielding many tips, attending vigils, and corresponding and talking to many people involved in this case time and again, I backed off for a while. I did not stop following the case, nor did I stop talking about it; I simply went behind the scenes for a while. I had been threatened a couple of times, and a few weird things beyond coincidence had occurred. To appease worried loved ones, I discarded my public persona and stopped being openly vocal and opinionated about this and other cold cases.

My health took a turn for the worse, so, planning an online comeback had to wait a bit. Now that I am doing better, and the twenty-fourth anniversary of the disappearance of Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall is upon us, now is a good time to launch my new blog and speak out about my pet case.

As I said earlier, all the drama and speculation is getting us nowhere. These ladies deserve truth and justice, and after twenty-four years, it is a damn shame that the truth has yet to surface. I do not buy many of the theories posed online, nor do I lean one way or another toward any of the stories and theories related to me via private conversation. I have no problem with speculation in general; many cases are solved this way. What I do have a problem with is the many unbending minds forcing their opinion on others as the “one and only possibility,” unyielding to any other ideas. Do you know? Were you there?

The point is that all of this has to stop. No one has hit the nail on the head yet, neither privately or publicly. If so, this case would be solved and closed. I often think that some of the drama and unyielding opinions are deliberate attempts at misinformation. If someone out there wants to keep the wheels spinning in midair, well, you have certainly accomplished this goal. No one seems to know which way is up or down, and we still long for the elusive answers that may never come, and if they do… what unfathomable truths might they reveal. I do not care what the circumstances are or were. Now is the time to bring some closure to this case. There is no excuse to hold back anymore, consequences be damned. Speak up for Sherrill, Suzie, and Stacy, won’t you?

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2 Responses to The Springfield Three: Twenty-Four Years, No Answers

  1. Denise Aldelia Ward says:

    Were they related.Did they get in a car and drive somewhere? pretty odd they all disappeared together.????

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    • midwestmedia2012 says:

      Sherrill and Suzie were mother and daughter. Stacy and Suzie were friends. All of their cars were present at the house when they were found to be missing. Their purses, money, cigarettes, etc. were left behind. No one knows much else. But yes, very odd.

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