Gun Reform is NOT the Solution

Why, oh why? Every time there is a mass shooting in the US, it is suddenly open-season on the Second Amendment… at least for the Democrats and the super delusional. Oh, how Patrick Henry must be rolling over in his grave these days! Now, I do not disagree with the idea of stricter gun laws. I am all for banning those who should not have guns from having guns. However, we must face facts. 1) The Second Amendment is a corner stone of this country. Our ancestors fought for the right to bear arms, and that right should remain intact with certain exceptions. 2) Guns are not the only weapons out there. 3) Anyone dead set on committing a violent crime will find a way to get their hands on guns and other weapons, no matter what the law dictates.

All that being said, I am appalled that the US government continues to revisit and debate gun control and gun reform time and again… yet no one wants to face the truth about the root of the matter. The issue is not guns. It is not immigration. Hell, it is not even poverty or mental illness, even if those things play a role at times. In this country, we have two very pervasive issues, and it seems like most people would prefer those issues remain under the umbrella of silence. We will never conquer violent crime without looking in the mirror and realizing that this is an issue propagated by the society we live in.

First of all, as long as we remain a country with such a permissive stance on war – fueling the idea of violence as a solution – we will never make the positive changes we seek when it comes to crime. Secondly, we are supposed to be the UNITED States. With so many differing political opinions on everything from the federal budget to gun reform, and political parties in general, there is not a damn thing united about this country. Remember, together we stand, divided we fall.

Now, there is some food for thought worthy of a sit in…

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