Louisiana, Minnesota, Dallas… Let’s Talk Openly About Our Divided Nation

How can Barack Obama possibly say that our nation is not as divided as we think it is? That is foolish lip service, and frankly, it is pointless rhetoric. That statement serves to do nothing more than an attempt to pull the wool over the collective eyes of the American people. However, few of us are that stupid. We live in the real world, and we see what is really going on. If the United States was not still divided and not still in the midst of an ongoing race war, we would not have organizations like the Aryan Nation, the National Socialist movement, or Black Lives Matter. There would be no need for such organizations if we were not divided.

Now, not a single American, regardless of their race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, etc., can claim they have no prejudices or have never had a prejudicial thought. Anyone making that claim is either highly enlightened (which I doubt) or a damn liar. We have all had these thoughts in one way or another. And so it continues, the prejudices and stereotypes, both harmless and dangerous, pass from one generation to another and one group to another. Some fight against these things; others embrace them. Racism, reverse racism, and other prejudices are not healthy and they only continue to divide us as a nation.

Black versus white (and vice versa) has been a resounding battle cry since our country’s inception. People want to think we have made progress in race relations… granted, some progress has been made, but not nearly enough. The battle still continues… it is only the strategies that have changed. It’s lunacy really. We have to stop labeling one another. We cannot continue to see one another as a skin color, an ethnicity, a religion, a language… we have to see each other as human beings united for the common goal of a peaceful and loving society. Protests, demonstrations, and organizations created with an agenda for or against one group or another are not helping matters. In fact, they are only propagating the hatred that the rest of us are trying to bring to an end.

It’s 2016, and if you cannot look beyond the surface to find the true character of a person, shame on you. And for those propagating race wars under the guise of outrage and protecting their own, shame on you too. If it was not for the ridiculous insanity that will ultimately solve nothing, this country would not be facing some of the tragedies we have faced and we would not continue fighting race wars.

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