Trump Announces Pence As Running Mate… Who Will Clinton Choose?

With deadlines nearing and the 2016 Presidential Campaign heading into the general election, Donald Trump announced yesterday that he has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. I admit I was hoping he would choose Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie, but Pence seems a good choice given what I know of his record and reputation (controversies aside). I simply like what Mike Pence stands for, and I do not think Trump would have made this choice if he truly had doubts, as rumors insist. It was a tough call with a few great candidates. Trump simply did not take it lightly. I also want to give kudos to Donald Trump. The man tweeted his decision yesterday, canceling a public appearance out of respect for the victims of the Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France. Another act of humanity proving what a good man he really is… now tell me why you misguided fools would want to vote for anyone else?

The clock is ticking, and Hilary Clinton will soon announce who she has chosen to finish out the 2016 Presidential Race by her side. Over the last couple of days, she has had several meetings with potential running mates, according to reports. There are a lot of rumors floating in the wind regarding Clinton’s ultimate decision, but my money is on one of two people. I believe Hillary will either bring in her biggest democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, or she will grasp onto W omen’s Lib and choose, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. I guess we just wait and see…

All in all, I just want this over with. The US election process is complicated and dramatic, and I am tired of it. I simply hope Trump wins this so we can relax and avoid another 4 years of liberal politics.

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