Another Shooting In Baton Rouge, Another Tragedy For The City, The Police, And The Nation… What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – This morning, 29-year-old Gavin Long of Kansas City, Missouri, chose his birthday (born July 17, 1987) to treat himself to death by cop when he opened fire on police officers in Baton Rouge, killing 3 and wounding 3 others. There has not been much information reported on the suspect except that he is deceased now, and served in the military. There is still a heavy police presence in Baton Rouge as they try to piece together the details of yet another senseless tragedy. At this point, Long is believed to be a lone shooter, but police are investigating if that is indeed the case and how and why he was in Louisiana. My heart goes out to the city, the police department, the families and loved ones of everyone involved, and the nation at large. This situation is both sickening and saddening… and it makes me ask when and if it will ever end… and what the hell is wrong with people?

And I answer. Frankly, I am sick and tired of writing about all these tragedies, but they are trending topics, in the news, and tend to tick me off very much. Of course, it’s not just mass shootings, police shootings, politics, and national noose that ruffles my feathers; it’s also local news stories like child abuse, domestic violence, drugs, overdoses, crime… I would like to see more happy news than we do on a daily basis, we are living in a world of chaos, and many people see it as “the end of times.”

Ok, I have my own religious views… I do not believe the Book of Revelation in a literal sense (I believe it is about the reign of Nero and the fall of the Roman Empire, but that is for another blog post) , but I do believe Revelation makes god points about man destroying the world as we know it and history does seem to repeat itself. Death and destruction is all around us… it does not take a rocket scientist to see this as fact. Now, one of my biggest interests is demonology, in both a religious and paranormal sense. I am no expert… and really there are no experts when it comes to this kind of thing… but I do have beliefs and a solid knowledge base that leads me to hold to one conclusion when asking what is wrong with the world. We can blame it on drugs, poverty, mental illness, revenge, and other causes all we want. And while those things might be true in most cases, it is also undeniable that demons are the root cause of most of the chaos here on Earth. Maybe that sounds crazy, but open your mind and consider it. I think this entire planet is in need of a mass exorcism…

Anyway, that is my point of view, and it kinda lets everyone in on where my interests lie. I want to write more about demonology and my other interests… but as long as there is so much tragedy in the news, I will have to focus on those things and work my other interests in whenever I can.

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