Cleveland Protestors Call For Shut Down of Trump And The Republican Party

Cleveland, OH – As I write this, a group of protestors stand united in a common goal to shut down Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee. And my only response is, “FOOLS!” Anyone who thinks that stopping Trump, destroying the Republican Party, and giving full reign to liberal Democrats is the answer to our country’s problems is, in fact, an uneducated and delusional fool. It’s not your fault… really. Democratic propaganda does, indeed, make it very difficult for many people to think for themselves or to comprehend the gravity of the situations affecting the citizens of these here United States. So, might I enlighten you a bit?

I am not trying to be insulting, but I am trying to make a point and change some minds before it is too late. First of all, our Democratic system is nothing but a ruse. Americans’ votes only count to a degree, with final decisions truly belonging to the establishment. Our election procedure is complicated by design to make us believe that we have more say so than we really do. Secondly, multiple political parties and agendas only serve to confuse and divide the people… something that should not happen in a country that prides itself on being united. Our collective goals should be common and focused on the lives of and protection of the lives and interests of the rightful citizens within the borders of our states and territories.

Now, let’s talk about Democratic politics and liberal viewpoints. Ask yourself how you feel about Socialism… do you understand what Socialism really is? Do you understand that is is not only different from communism but that Democratic politics and most liberal views are, in fact, the epitome of Socialism? We just hide it behind another name in this country: the Democratic Party. The Democrats are worried about money and special interests that have nothing to do with the American people themselves while offering social programs that they cannot comprehensively fund or run long-term, forcing many Americans to suffer because of their high ideals and poor long-term planning capabilities. The only real difference between American Democratic Politics and Socialism is the fact that we do allow for our states govern themselves with limited Federal interference (yet they still have to concede to Federal Law), and our country still allows for free enterprise and capitalism. None of that changes the fact that, below the surface, Democrats are promoting views that are truly Socialist in nature. You cannot fear Socialism and still promote such viewpoints.

If we want our country to get back on the right track, we need to remove power from the Democrats and allow the Republicans an opportunity to take over and clean up the mess left by the latest 8-year Democratic regime. And Donald Trump is the leader to do this. Let me break it down for you…

The Stop Tump Movement is both stupid and reckless, and the agenda is nothing more than Socialist Politics and to keep the Democrats in power. Vote Democrat if you want… but you are doing nothing more than helping to further destroy the United States. If things keep going the way they are, we will be nothing more than a shell of the country we once were. Goodbye American Dream, hello third-world living… now, back to breaking things down for you… much of what Trunp has said has been taken out of context in order to further the Democrats’ agenda.

  • Build a Wall – hell yes! It’s not racist; it is practical. Illegal immigration and drug cartels are hurting our citizens and our economy by overtaxing resources we should not have to spare.
  • Temporary Ban on Muslims – again, not racist. Trump never said “permanent ban”, and he has never professed any prejudice toward those practicing Islam properly. His concern is radicalism and the protection of US citizens… “until we know what the hell is going on.” Nothing wrong with that.
  • Politically Correct Society – Trump is right. We do not need to be so politically correct. This does not mean we have to be racist; it simply means we do not need to coddle, invite in, or cater to those whose presence may endanger us or destroy our economy.
  • Economy – Trump wants to fix our economy by reducing our national debt and bringing jobs back to this country… how can that be wrong?

Bottom line, Trump is a serious businessman who knows what he is doing and has a solid plan to make America great again. Career politicians, on the other hand, always have ulterior motives… and with that being said, what’s on your ballot?

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