Fundraiser Launched to Help With Medical Expenses And The Aftermath Of Lingering Illness

I became very ill at the end of 2014, and the illness lingered a long time. In fact, I am still fighting the effects of lifelong illness; however, I have recovered enough to be able to do some things again. Unfortunately, I lost the sight in one eye and will inevitably lose the sight in my other eye. Because of this, I need to obtain materials to provide extra safety in my home. I also have expenses

that insurance will not cover, expenses incurred during illness, and a limited income of my own. I launched a fundraiser through GoFundMe about a year ago, but it seemed like no one was paying attention, and I was still too sick to promote the fundraiser.

This is no joke. It is not a scam. Raising funds is of the utmost importance to me. I need to take care of many things before I am no longer able to do so, and all donations, large or small are appreciated. For information on donating, click here or contact me directly. Thanks!

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