The Continuing Search For Maura Murray

lI have been following the Maura Murray case since 2004 and have closely followed James Renner’s blog My Search for Maura Murray for a very long time. I find this blog, investigation, and Renner’s evidence, thoughts, and thoroughness quite compelling. That is not to say that I feel that Renner’s is the only plausible theory out there, but I do have to agree with him on something… after weighing the evidence and considering the many discrepancies and mysteries in this case, I am not altogether convinced that Maura is truly missing. If anything, this case is simply too weird…

Ok, so Maura might truly be a missing person, or, God forbid, the victim of foul play. It’s not like I can prove things one way or another. However, she might also simply be missing in the sense that she ran off to start a new life, as suggested by Mr. Renner. Given the evidence presented on My Search for Maura Murray, I find this a very plausible theory. You’d be amazed what pressure and stress can drive a person to do. I, for example, packed up and hopped on Greyhound to move over 1400 miles away from home a little over 4 years ago…without telling much of anyone about my real plans. I got away from the problems, got some major stress off my back, and could not be happier. So, I can see how and why Maura may have chosen to do the same thing and even why she may not care to be in contact with anyone from her past.

Before I go on, I do want to extend this invitation. Maura, if you are out there, please know this: if you were facing criminal charges, chances are that the statute of limitations has run out and you won’t be prosecuted should you choose to come home; secondly, walking away from your own life is not a crime. You cannot be prosecuted for simply starting over and leaving people in the dark. At this point, I think law enforcement and the public would simply like to know that you are alive and well. You could call someone and prove who you are while requesting that your location not be revealed and that you be left alone. I am offering an alternative invitation much like James Renner. Comment here or contact me directly. I will never reveal where you are or say anything unless you ask me to.

Now, with that being said, I do have an odd experience to relate. I live in New Hampshire and have been to the area where Maura Murray was last seen. I have since thought about going back up there and trying to search, but with my vision and health issues, I have not yet been able to make it up there. So, in 2014, I decided to use a spirit box app on my smartphone to see if I could get any response. My husband and I received a visual indication that three ghosts were present, although they kept coming and going. For the most part, they would only respond to me. It seemed like only one spirit was doing the talking, and it was somewhat fearful of men. Sending Robby out of the room seemed to loosen the spirit’s lips. I so wish I had taken notes that night because I got a lot of compelling information, but it was all so unexpected…

I asked a lot of questions, and sometimes, it took a while for a response. Other times, the spirit answered right away. As a brief explanation, my ghost box app scanned through frequencies, allowing the spirit to use the energy and select words to communicate. The most compelling responses were “crash<” “running”, “pushed”, “accident”, and “Fred.” Now, this spirit also indicated that the incident being related involved more than one male perp and possible drowning. I did ask for confirmation as to the identity of “Fred,” and if the spirit was indeed Maura Murray. I could not obtain confirmation for either question.

Other have done this. I know of one person who has done a tarot reading on Maura’s case. I am not saying I have definitive evidence of anything here, but it is interesting, to say the least. I would love to know if that spirit was Maura, and… who were the other two spirits? Just food for thought… I still think she’s alive.

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