Gearing Up For The 2016 NFL Season

wtf1100idsts-1The 2016 NFL Preseason kicks off on Sunday, August 7th, and I admit I am super excited for both the preseason and the start of the regular NFL Season. I love football, and I love watching football, even with my limited vision. And this year, we have the perfect couch for taking in game after game. Robby thinks I am a bit silly because I do not care to watch every game… yes, my aim is to get to the Super Bowl, but I am also a team girl with loyalties. I enjoy my teams more than just any game, although football is football and I like any game as long as there is some real effort going into the plays. Bore me to death… whomever the team… and I will lose interest fast.

So, Robby has me excited now that we only have a couple more weeks until preseason kickoff. I love preseason, but I really want the regular season to get here (that will be September 8th, folks). While I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan, I also love the Chiefs and the Patriots. I have no doubt that Aaron Rogers and the guys in Green Bay will get off to a good start and really bring it this season, so my NFL concern is twofold. First, as a born and raised Missourian, I feel I must root my Chiefs on to another good season and hopefuly, some serious victories. They have had a couple of good seasons recently, and I have faith that the Chiefs can do even better this year. I would love to see them finally make it to the Super Bowl… all we need is som strong leadership from Alex Smith and a damn good offensive lineup. Go Chiefs!

Secondly, my eyes are on the New England Patriots again this year. I was not planning to become a Pats fan, but I moved to New England, watched Brady’s moves, and well… when In Rome, ya know… I am just seriously hoping that this 4-game penalty does not adversely affect the start of the season. It’s a bunch of crap… Deflate Gate was NOT Tom Brady’s fault, and come on now… we are starting the second NFL Season since this Fiasco… let it go, already!

I am also anxious to see how the Broncos play this year wuthout Peyton Manning in the lead… yep, I am super excited and that means my Sundays are full for a while. I do not catch a lot of weekday games, and I am hoping to get in some Saturday Notre Dame games since I love college ball. So, time to gear up for some munchies, game tme, and screaming at the tv for the seemingly endless stretch of weeks until the 2017 Super Bowl.

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One Response to Gearing Up For The 2016 NFL Season

  1. Rob says:

    I am so looking forward to the season opener. And Brady will rock the season even though he is missing the first 4 games. And go Chief’s.

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