Hillary Clinton and the Kaine Mutiny

Clinton-Kaine_blue Why on God’s green earth does a presidential campaign have to be such a show? It’s like a 3-ring circus meets a bad soap opera these days! I simply cannot wrap my mind around why anyone’s running mate has to come out and give a long speech to not only present their own qualifications and glaring attributes but also to up-sell the actual presidential nominee… and to top it off, they have to go and make such a roaring speech that they get the crowd all riled up. News flash: all that pomp and circumstance is really unnecessary. Hell, I would even say that to the Trump campaign! Most of the people at rallies and conventions because they support the nominee, the political party, etc. Comparatively, there are only a few curiosity mongers and outright haters that show up to these things. Otherwise, supporters are present and there is no reason for show business to overtake the campaign. Keep it subdued and make your point!

That being said, Hilary Clinton’s announcement of Tim Kaine as her running mate this past week took me by surprise. In a recent post, I was betting on the theory that she would choose either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, Kaine was not a name I expected to hear. And now, with today’s news about Wiki Leaks, Sanders, and the Democratic Party (which I will address in my next post)… well, this just gets more and more interesting. So anyway, I listened to Tim Kaine’s speech the other day, and frankly, I was appalled. The arrogance exuding from that man was that of the typical Democrat… and it disgusted me. “I have never lost an election,” he said. Well, Mr. Kaine, there is a first time for everything, especially when teaming up with Crooked Hillary. If you lose this election, Mr. Kaine, think of this partnership decision as your big faux pas.

While listening to Kaine’s speech, I once again had to ask myself a poignant and pressing question… supporters can glorify Clinton all they want, but where is the evidence of what she plans to do if she makes it into the White House? Words mean little… she is offering nothing more than another version of Obama’s Change campaign… she has offered no real insight into her plan, and that, coupled with her record regarding the e-mail servers and Benghazi… well… it really bothers me!! Three or so years ago, I was set to vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran again. Now, I think she is the wrong choice for this country. We cannot survive on being nice and politically correct, nor can we survive with dishonesty and hidden agendas leading this country. God help us all if Clinton beats Trump. That will be a very sad day for the United States… and in that case, does anyone in Switzerland want to sponsor some US refugees?

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