Stephie’s July 2016 Medical Update

13494920_10209939855638776_5914823960957187489_nThis blog was not exactly supposed to be all politics and current events. However, headlines get under my skin, and I write about things. It’s what I do. Anyway, on occasion, I need to be a bit more personal and write about my life and medical issues. I started a blog for this purpose last year, but I was too sick to try maintaining a blog and a GoFundMe campaign. So, briefly, 2015 was a very long year of fighting illness and trying to recover. My diabetes was out of control. I was breaking out in more unexplained sores, developing vision and kidney problems, and facing other issues like sever pain from neuripathies and fibromyalgia, high triglycerides, gaining weight, and hypertension. I had two surgeries in less than months, one of which permanently destroyed the vision in my left eye, That brings us up to date on 2015… now for a current update.

My weight is down 20 lbs. My BP is behaving itself. And with help from the pain center and Lyrica, I am not suffering so much in the pain department. However, my diabetes is still tough to control. I am losing the vision in my right eye and will inevitably go fully blind. Kidney failure is also probable. My nephrologist says we can slow the progress, but eventually…

Anyway, I am utilizing adaptive therapies and training through voc rehab and the NH Association for the Blind. I do hope for a chance to go to Boston and see if we can do anything about my eyes, but that is really a pipe dream right now. And there are lots of other things I need to get help with because I need them but cannot afford them. Funny how medical recommendations don’t come with a prescription for funding….

I am doing ok and enjoying life in spite of all these medical concerns. I am maintaining a positive attitude, and that is really all I can do.

I do have a fundraiser going. If you want to donate online, you can send funds via PayPal to

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