Trump No Longer the ‘Presumptive’ Nominee

MAGAI have been a Trump supporter from the beginning of his campaign. I am disabled, and I do not believe the things people say about Donald and his so-called prejudices. He is sarcastic and honest. So sorry his unwillingness to be a politically correct conformist is so offensive to the misguided and delusional groups out there. Seems you hear what you want to hear and misinterpret things to fit an agenda, or worse, you believe the negative propaganda spewing from the imaginations of the opposing party. This is not an insult… just the simple truth. Trump can offer this country real solutions… Clinton, well, she is far too focused on the political aspect of her career as opposed to actually running this country with the people in mind… no matter what she says.

Anyway, we can now lay to rest the “presumptive’ title in Donald Trump’s nomination, as he officially became the Republican presidential nominee this past week. And I just have to ask all of you… did we not see this coming? Seriously, there was some speculation that he would not be the nominee despite the fact that he was the only remaining Republican candidate. Did any of us really think that the RNC would shy away, renounce him, and try to throw someone else into the 2016 presidential race? Yeah, right. I never believed that. They know Trump is telling the truth, whether they like it or not, and he is the only hope the United States has left.

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