Bernie Sanders, Wiki Leaks, And The Democrats

Bernie_Sanders_(20033841412_24d8796e44_c0)When the news broke this past weekend about the Bernie Sanders Wiki Leaks, and how the e-mails they were speaking of proved that the Democratic Party was planning to undercut Sanders, I rolled my eyes. I was appalled, but at the same time, I was not a bit surprised. I admit as stated in a prior post, I really thought Hillary Clinton would bring Bernie on as her running mate given his recent concession to endorse her and given the fact that he had amassed quite a following during his campaign. Still, I was not surprised to hear news of shady shenanigans and internal sabotage within the Democratic Party. It’s not the first time, and as long as we allow this divided political party system to continue on, it most certainly will not be the last time we hear stories such as this. The Democrats have to fight dirty… even with one another. It is the only card they have to play.

A good adviser would have suggested that Sanders run as an Independent. At least, in that case, his politics would have made more sense (not that they ever did), and he could have endured criticism alone rather than criticism and sabotage from his own political party. Too bad no one insisted on this, and there is nothing anyone can do now… still, I do not see what all the fuss is at this point. I watched the start of the Democratic National Convention last night. I wanted to smack Tim Kaine silly, but aside from that, I was surprised to see that Bernie Sanders was not only in attendance but was also laughing and smiling when Kaine cracked some jokes. Yeah, Bernie is really sore about all this… if that were so, I do not believe he would have shown his face at the DNC, senator or not.

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One Response to Bernie Sanders, Wiki Leaks, And The Democrats

  1. fruscianteredwing says:

    Something tells me he got a huge payday for playing ball. Or maybe he really is doing this so his supporters won’t turn to Trump…regardless I agree with you that nobody is shocked over the corruption because it has become progressively worse since Watergate. Reagan (tax cut in half for millionaires) (war on drugs created more racial profiling) Bush sr (NAFTA I think) Clinton (China) bush jr (bailouts and skyrocketed cronyism to point of no return) Obama ( insurance is now one of the biggest cash cows in this country…25% GDP spent on health care and signed another outsourcing trade agreement)

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