Fundraiser Update 7/30/2016

My fundraiser has yet to gain any momentum. I have received no donations thus far. We were blessed this week when Rob’s aunt had our truck fixed for us as an early Christmas present. For that, we are forever grateful. Back to the fundraiser, however, I still need to raise funds to help with home safety alterations, medical and dental expenses, and some bills that piled up while I was very very sick and recovering from two surgeries last year.

I finally started receiving SSI this year, after years of fighting and reapplying. My back pay was small, and my meager check is maxed out with bills every month. Rob works hard and makes decent money, but even together, we cannot cover all these expenses. I am hoping and praying that this fundraiser takes off, and I am even considering returning to GoFundMe. Even so, fund raising is still dependent on friends, family, and social networking. So, remember, every dollar helps! If you want to donate, click here for info, contact me, or send funds via PayPal to Al donations are more appreciated than you will ever know.

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