Trump Calls On Russia For Espionage, Democrats Have A Cow

Sometimes, I think the movie Idiocracy got it right. Perhaps the average IQ in this country is, in fact, dwindling its way down to mere double digits. I mean no offense to those who truly have a reasonable explanation for an IQ as low as that. I am talking about the average person; people who should possess both critical thinking and reasoning abilities, and the capability to think for themselves. That being said, why is it that it seems only a handful of us actually understand that Donald Trunp’s statements against others amounts to nothing more than pure sarcasm? Has our nation really become so politically correct that we now have to coddle groups of people who do not understand or tolerate sarcasm, misinterpret everything, and take personal offense to every word they hear?

Get over yourselves people! Not a one of you is so special that you need to freak out because someone said something you do not like. In fact, the only thing that even makes that person wrong in any way is that someone, somewhere disagrees with them. Nine times out of ten, that person is right in the eyes of many other people. So, here we are, watching as the Democratic Party takes offense to Trump’s so-called call to action. And the media has only made the situation worse by sensationalizing the idea that by asking Russia if they were listening and saying he hoped they could find Clinton’s 30,000 deleted e-mails, he is essentially condoning and propagating espionage…

It was nothing but sarcasm, as are many things Donald Trump has said during passionate speeches. Personally, I am tired of rhetoric on both sides, but the media and Democrats are blowing this out of proportion. And, it is not as if our own government is not guilty of espionage itself. They not only spy on other countries, they spy on everyone from everyday citizens to government officials. Remember JFK? Hypocrisy, that’s what it is, and of course, it does make me throw up in my mouth just a little bit…

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