Enough Rhetoric! Let’s Talk Reality

I am growing tired of the political song and dance. Somehow, I ended up not only interested in but knowing and understanding more about politics than I ever really planned to. When I was younger, I only wanted to cast my vote… as I got older, other aspects of life in this country began to matter to me, and well, here I am. I’m used to the back and forth opponent bashing during every election, but this year, it is getting on my nerves more than ever before. And here’s why: I do not feel that we need the negative ads and rhetoric in order to make an informed decision. Most intelligent voters can make that choice without being swayed by all the who did what b.s. All we are really concerned about is who is going to do the best they can to serve the best interest of the United States and its people.

Personally, I think this tradition of negativity needs to go away. I do not care what a POS one opponent thinks the other is. Stop all the shenanigans and tell us what you plan to do for this country. In my opinion, all presidential nominees should be required to publish a comprehensive plan so the public can see each candidates ideas and stance laid out in black and white. That would offer a hell of a lot more information than a lengthy speech on Trump’s controversies and Hillary Clinton’s past. To be honest, that kind of negative rhetoric only serves to make me distrust both nominees. We need solutions, not more conflict.

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