What If Donald Trump Drops Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race?

On Tuesday evening, the local news (WMUR) brought up Commitment 2016, posing the possibility of Donald Trump dropping out of the 2016 presidential race and asking what eh Republican Party would do if this should happen. Mind you, this is a hypothetical question and definitely a valid point for conversation, even if it is not a scenario likely to occur. First of all, Trump has made it this far. We are three months away from the general election, and it is hard for me to even entertain the idea that he would walk away now. Trump is serious and honest, and he is not the type just to give up. And why would he? He is no stranger to controversy. He knows he has an amazing and unprecedented following amongst US voters. And, if he left the race now, would that not simply give the Democrats the upper hand, making Clinton look good in spite of Trump’s rhetoric and leaving Trump to play the fool in the court of public opinion? None of that makes any sense! And if Trump did drop out, well, that brings bout a whole new theory on campaign conspiracy, which I will save for another post.

So, what would happen if Trump quit the race? I would venture to guess that, ultimately, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency. Losing their nominee would diminish public faith in the Republican Party, and many of us would vote for Clinton because we have something solid to work with there, no matter how much we do not want to see another Democrat, or specifically, Hillary Clinton, in the White House. I do not see the Republican Party dropping out altogether, but if Trump drops out, the party might as well do the same. There simply is not enough time left in this campaign for the RNC to give us an alternative nominee. Sure, they could ask one of the former candidates, but hat is likely to do only a little good… they did not make it to the convention for a reason… still, some Republicans might vote for the new nominee. Another course of action would be to give us someone new, but we have little time to learn anything useful for making an informed decision come election time. And if the RNC is forced to give us a new nominee, I say it should be Paul Ryan. At least we know where he stands on most issues, and even though he has said he does not want to run for president right now, we can count on a positive reputation that might keep the Republicans in charge, and might just do this country a lot of good.

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