1800QUITNOW Review

If you are desperate to quit smoking, the smoking cessation program offered by 1800QUITNOW probably sounds like a godsend. And, once you get someone on the line when you call, what they offer may sound even better. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of free nicotine patches (up to one month’s worth) or other possible quit smoking aids, as well as five telephone sessions with a smoking cessation coach? That all sounds great, right? Maybe even too good to be true? Well, that is because it is. Now, I am not saying the program has not worked for some people, but I would not hold my breath for help from 1800QUITNOW ever again. In June 2015, after months of illness, one surgery behind me, and one to go, I decided to quit smoking. Now, I do not blame the program for my picking the habit up again after a month without cigarettes, but I was not impressed with their inability to keep promises.

During my intial intake, I was approved for a one month supply of nicotine patches, to be sent in two bi-weekly installments. I was also promised five sessions with a smoking cessation coach. I received a two-week supply of 21mg nicotine patches. Then, I never received my second shipment or a single phone call from a coach. I even tried to call to complain and got nowhere. I am not saying do not give it a try. I am simply saying if 1800QUITNOW lets you down, do not be surprised.

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