Donald Trump Is Not Against the Poor

People keep accusing Donald Trump of being against the poor. I have read everything from the vaguest of comments saying he is not for the poor to actual arguments saying that if Trump has his way, poor children would starve. Give me a break! It is time to help the unenlightened to understand something about the ideal United States.

First of all, Trump is not against the poor. He is not trying to eliminate help for those who really need it. However, that help should only be temporary, and Trump is emphasizing that point. It is one thing to draw disability benefits and other kinds of help long-term because you need it and are not capable of earning an income. It is quite another thing for the able-bodied to sit around drawing welfare benefits long-term because it is easier than finding a job or working full-time. And that, my friends, is where I agree with Donald Trump.

Our founding fathers envisioned a country where people worked hard and reaped the rewards of that hard work. Ideally, if employment rates and wages were better, the abuse of our social welfare programs would cease, and if we did embrace the ideals of our forefathers, our welfare programs would not be needed nearly as much and more of that money could be used for economic growth and other important issues in the United States. Additionally, family values and morals play a role in this. Not only should those who are capable be working and not abusing the system, people also need to realize that having children is a gift and privilege. But be smart about it, if you cannot afford ’em, don’t conceive ’em.

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2 Responses to Donald Trump Is Not Against the Poor

  1. Amy L Wilson says:

    It has long been believed by Republicans that welfare should not be a career choice. Anyone with any sense can tell you that welfare kills the economy. Why would anyone want to work just so a bunch of lazy bums can take their money?

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