Who Killed Elizabeth Short? The Black Dahlia Series Part 1A – Myths

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Dispelling 10 Myths About Elizabeth Short and the Black Dahlia Murder Mystery

  1. Elizabeth’s middle name was Ann. This has never been substantiated by friends, family, or official documents. A middle name does not appear on her headstone, and her own family has said she did not have a middle name. This rumor has appeared in print and on documentaries, but it is unclear where the misinformation came from.
  2. Elizabeth was known as “Betty.” Again, no. A single person, whom Elizabeth had babysat for as a small child, “recalled” this nickname, but others deny she was ever commonly called “Betty.”
  3. She was known as the Black Dahlia. Well, not by choice and certainly not in life… this moniker was coined by the media after the murder and it just kinda “stuck.”
  4. Elizabeth had infantile genitalia and was, therefore, unable to have sexual relationships. I do not know where this rumor came from. I once heard that it was a claim by her family, but they deny it, and by all other accounts, it seems to be malarkey. Granted, no men have openly claimed to have been her lover, but if she really did have such a physical abnormality, surely there would be medical records or some mention of this in the autopsy report, and that just is not the case. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, the medical examiner denied this claim as well.
  5. She was engaged to a soldier killed during WWII. Who knows? That was a story she told someone who knew her. By all accounts, and proof in letters written by Elizabeth, she liked a man in uniform and was definitely a hopeless romantic. We will never know the truth on this one.
  6. She was a prostitute. We have no right to assume this, and no one, other than the media and some writers, has blatantly stated this as “fact.” The FACT is that we have zero proof of this. So, she enjoyed the company of men. So, they gave her money and fed her meals from time to time. She was a young, single, vibrant woman trying to make it in the harsh world of Hollywood. That alone does not mean she was a hooker, slept around, or even a tease. And if she was involved in this profession, perhaps sh felt she had no choice…
  7. She was involved in a lesbian relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn always denied this, and no one else could ever prove it, so I would say this is nothing more than a nasty rumor designed to smear Short’s reputation.
  8. Elizabeth was involved in pornographic films. Again, there is no proof. If she did, so what? Maybe she needed the money… but back to no proof… find me the film, and I will eat my words.
  9. LAPD corruption… Yes, corruption was rampant during the 1940s. Many cops were on the take… however, this does not mean that I believe that any police officers were directly involved in the death of Elizabeth Short. There is no proof of this. I think it is possible that the police discovered what happened and the culprits were so deep in the pockets of the LAPD that no one could do a damn thing about it, but I think that is as far as any involvement or cover up goes.
  10. The Black Dahlia case has been solved. Not exactly. Several writers make this claim, but officially, it is still an open, albeit ice cold, case. There are theories, speculation, and circumstantial evidence galore, but there is no solid evidence, no true confession, and of course, no one to prosecute. Ergo, justice cannot be served and the case is not and will not be officially solved.
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