Craig Michael Woods’ Trial Delayed Until 2017.. What About Justice For Hailey Owens?

images (1)Springfield, MO – It almost feels like Craig Michael Woods is laughing in the face of justice. His rial has had more than its fair share of continuances, and now, his attorneys have been granted another delay; this time, the trial is not scheduled to begin until May 2017. And why, you ask? Well, according to reports, the defense feels it is far too overworked with its current caseload and cannot properly provide the attention needed to present a proper defense for Woods. There is also some concern over questions being posed to potential jurors; concerns that these questions might weed out jurors willing to impose the death penalty. Whatever…

First, please understand that I am all for a justice system that works and recognizes the rights of both victims and the accused. Secondly, as a general rule, I do believe a person is innocent until proven guilty, and I am not an advocate of the death penalty. However, there is an exception to my personal rules, and the Hailey Owens case is one BIG exception! So, how many breaks will Craig Michael Woods get before he even faces a jury? This is beyond ridiculous. It is bad enough that all this is happening now, but he also got himself a change of venue, out of town lawyers… yeah, let’s keep coddling this POS!! It goes without saying that this whole thing makes me sick.

I am all for forgiveness and mercy under most circumstances, but not in this case. When you do what that SOB did to Hailey Owens… when someone hurts or kills a child, I cannot forgive them. That is between them and God, and of course, my refusal o forgive is between God and me. Anyway, there is no way in hell that this guy can have a so-called fair trial. He is not going to find and unbiased jury. And if his attorneys can mount any kind of defense, I hope they can sleep at night and face themselves in the mirror day after day. There is no defense for someone who would kidnap, rape, and murder a ten-year-old child. That kind of person is one sick and twisted human being, but that does not mean they are entitled to an insanity or mental illness defense.

I really do not see why Woods has to waste all this time and resources for a trial. He will not win. At best, he might avoid the death penalty, but he could also wind up on death row just as easily if his fate is left up to the jurors. The only way to avoid the death penalty is to take a plea deal, but odds are that Woods is stuck at an impasse; the prosecution sure does not want to offer a deal (I am sure death is on their agenda), and the defense is hoping to get a better deal than death row. Therefore, a trial seems in order.

As an exception to my aforementioned rules, Craig Michael Woods should fry. Death is the only punishment fit for someone like him. Unless they want to throw his sorry ass into gen pop… but I digress… I also do not think it is even rational to apply the innocent until proven guilty rule to this case. Come on! He was all but caught red-handed! Her body and all the evidence was right there in his home. What the hell could his defense be? Our justice system sucks and things need to change. We are losing sight of the beautiful little girl who deserves justice while everyone focuses on her killer, his trial, and his fate. Frankly, this never would have happened in the Old West… justice would have been carried out swiftly. Just food for thought…


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