Grand Buffet Nashua NH Review


Nashua, NH – I have eaten at many a good Chinese restaurant and many bad ones as well… all over the country. Aside from one awesome place in Burlington County, NJ, I have never been able to call any of these restaurants “great.” There was always something to improve on. However. I ate at Grand Buffet in Nashua (340 Amherst St.) for the fourth time tonight, and I can honestly say this place is great and has definitely become my absolute favorite Chinese buffet.

When you first arrive, the restaurant looks like nothing spectacular from the outside, but as you go inside, you are greeted by traditional Asian motif, and glorious smells. The place is very clean, the service excellent, and the large buffet is loaded with mouth-watering food. Their crab rangoon is the best I have ever tried; always fresh and super loaded compared to competitors. I also recommend the cucumber shrimp and hot and sour soup. And the price is A+ too! If you’re in the neighborhood, give Grand Buffet a try. You will not regret it!

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