Ringling Bros Retires 11 Elephants… More Progress Needed

rThis past week, the Ringling Brothers Circus finally gave into animal rights activists’ requests to set some elephants free. This means he circus, after rretiring their 11 performing pachyderms, will no longer use an elephant act in their shows. These noble creatures are now residing in Florida, where they will contribute to research on cancer in elephants while enjoying a well-deserved life of leisure. But, is this enough?how-fast-can-an-elephant-run_4a36d683-3805-4826-a9ce-e1f561dac754

No!! Now, I am not one of those animal rights extremists who freaks out over the slightest thing. I am not vegan and not against the use of fur for something other than luxury clothing. However, I am an avid elephant lover, and I do love all animals. I feel that exploitation, cages (as opposed to enclosures), and abuse is simply NOT acceptable. All circuses should not only retire all of their elephants, but they should also end the animal acts for good. There is enough creativity in the 21st Centruy to allow for spectacular shows without continuing the barbaric traditions of the past.



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