Justice For JonBenet… Headlines Fail To Deliver

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Boulder, CO – Who could forget the unbelievable death of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey on December 26, 1996. Even now, nearly 20 years later, the case details and the lack of resolution makes me sick. This kind of thing just is not supposed to happen. Not to a child. It’s a testament to the sick and evil world we live in. Last week’s issue of People Magazine boldly asks the question “Justice for JonBenet?”, promising “new twists.” And yet, the case still is not solved…

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John Mark Karr falsely confessed to the murder in 2006.

I saw this issue on the newsstand at Rite Aid and thought I would do my research and see where to go with a post on this case. Given the fact that no no clues have lead to justice in the past 20 years, and of course, we all remember the creepy John Mark Karr confession fiasco in 2006, I have been somewhat hesitant to tackle this cold case. Its not that I do not have any thoughts or opinions; it is that things are so up in the air, opinions vary, the case is super controversial, and well, the horrific murder of a child is simply tough to discuss. Still, I had to find out if the People article holds any water.

Really, People only seems to be providing a review of the details we all already know so well. Apparently, CBS is launching a new series focusing on the JonBenet Ramsey case, and her older brother Burke is set to speak publicly for the first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil next month. None of that proves any “new twists” in the case, and I do wonder if either the new series or Burke’s interview will lead to any resolution. I hope so, but I do have my doubts.

Nothing on People.com is what we expect from their headlines. None of the videos will play correctly for me, and no it is not my computer. All the clues they mention just are not clear on the site, and frankly, I doubt they would make any valid new points if they were clear. One article does claim that the definitive clues has to do with the pineapple found on the counter and in the child’s stomach. The fruit was undigested and has lead to suspicion, especially with Patsy Ramsey’s denial that JonBenet had eaten any of the fruit prior to he so-called disappearance. Sure, it is suspicious and brings up more questions than answers, but it is not like anyone has gotten anywhere with any evidence!

So, we’ve got 140+ people investigated. Over 14,000 pieces of evidence, over 50,000 investigation documents, and the best we can do is “Pineapple is the key.”? Puh-leeze!!!


No six-year-old should ever look this way!

I am not sure what the headlines are supposed to accomplish aside from magazine sales. There certainly is nothing solid that could solve this case. And while I am hesitant to point fingers here, I will certainly say that this crime was never random. The keys are in the DNA and physical evidence (not the pineapple) and that damn 12 page ransom note. Come on! This stuff really raises the eyebrows, and yet no one has been able to positively put two and two together. I have a hard time believing an intruder killed JonBenet,,, that just does not fit with the evidence… will there ever be justice? I think someone in that family knows something… I would like to be proven wrong. And I would like to hear what the motive was, even if it is no excuse… just to lay the issue to rest. Anger over bedwetting, jealousy, money, sexual deviance… it makes my head spin and little makes sense. Still, I would bet my hat that those damn pageants had something to do with it all. images (3)

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