Red Arrow Manchester NH Review

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Manchester, NH – If you’re in the area and looking for some tasty grub at an affordable price, have I got the place for you! Adam Sandler loves this place. In fact, he comes here on most trips home to Manchester, and frankly, I have to agree. The Red Arrow Diner is a frequent stop on my restaurant tour. I love eating here, even if I do not get to do it as often as I would like.

Located at 61 Lowell St. in downtown Manchester, this location is the flagship diner that started it all. It’s a cozy, nostalgic place complete with the soda fountain look, lots of great music piping inside and out, and awesome service. And of course, the food is to die for. They have an extensive menu, and being open 24 hours a day, you can get anything anytime. The place is always packed, has an amazing history, and has been visited by more than its fair share of celebrities and politicians.

My husband found this place when we were living in Concord because we like 24 hour Mom and Pop diners. There was nothing like that in Concord. So, we began driving to Manchester almost every week just to eat here. Eventually, Red Arrow played a huge role in our decision to relocate to Manchester.

I have never met anything on the menu that I do not like, but I want to emphasize a couple of items. Their breakfast menu is incredible, and they are never stingy with portions, no matter what you order. Now, I have to say they have the absolute best baked beans I have ever had, and their burgers are a work of art. Try the Dinah Moe Burger while you’re there. It’s a sandwich you have to fork!


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