Stephie’s August 2016 Medical Update

I have not written much lately.Ihave been busy, feeling under the weather, and my one remaining semi-useful eye has been giving me some difficulty. There is not a lot of medical information to offer, at least not positive reports. I have a new primary care doctor because my last one went to do medical care for the homeless, which I commend. I also decided I am not satisfied with my endocrinologist and will begin seeing someone new on Sept. 7th. My weight, BP, and triglycerides keep bouncing around, and my blood glucose is not behaving. I am fighting hard to win this battle, but it is definitely uphill al the way. A lot of eventualities worry me now… I might even be able to say that some scare me a bit. I see my nephrologist on Monday for a six-month check-up on my kidneys. Then we move into September and see where we go from there. I expect three surgeries over the next couple of years. My gall bladder needs to go. Dental surgery is a must, and I will probably have a gynecological surgery to improve my health and prevent any future issues. Ok, so that’s all there is folks. Thanks for the support and encouragement as I keep truckin’ along.

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