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In spite of vision issues with my one remaining eye, I have worked very hard to get my online store back up and running. I have lots of great inventory at affordable prices, so click on over and take a look around. Your business is appreciated, and the extra income really helps! Tell your friends and keep coming back. New inventory is added weekly.

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Do You Believe in The Paranormal?

My husband and I have a strong interest in and a long history with the paranormal. Oh, the stories we could share!… We are both sensitives, and our sub-interest is demonology. On occasion, we conduct small, private amateur paranormal investigations. We have gathered interesting data from EVPs and EMF to photos and more. And while I will not offer location or individual identifying information, I am posting photos from a recent investigation here in Manchester. These photos have not been doctored in anyway, and although we know what we see here, we want your opinion. Take a looksee and tell us what you see by leaving a comment below.

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Spelling Errors, Comments, And All That Jazz

I am writing this post in response to a recent comment left on this blog. The comment wound up in my spam box, so I did not find it until yesterday. I deleted the comment due to my policy about staying on-topic on this site. However, I do want to thank the reader for their concerns and address those concerns as well.

The comment stated that the individual likes my site and will surely visit again and again, BUUUUUUUUT… they felt there were enough spelling errors here to be “bothersome.” Look, I have been a professional writer for several years. I not only understand the importance of proper spelling and grammar, I also used to be a big spelling and grammar Nazi myself.

At this point in my life, I am severely visually impaired. I am blind in my left eye and have lost more then 85% of the sight in my right eye. I try to edit my posts to the best of my ability with the tools available to me. Still, errors find their way in… and frankly, I don’t care.

It us not my intention to be rude in saying that I do not care about the errors. I am simply focused on the bigger picture here. My blog is my creative outlet and my voice. Each post tells the story and makes the point I intend to make. And that, my friends, is really all that matters.

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13 Years Later:The Maura Murray Mystery Persists Despite Ice Cold Status

murray_mauraFor the last few years, author James Renner has maintained an impressive blog about the disappearance of Maura Murray. Because of this, he has had to deal with nasty internet trolls, false leads, and tons of criticism… all because of a near-obsession and dedication to an honorable cause. I found his research thorough and sound and his insights well thought out, intelligent, and his efforts worthy of both consideration and respect.

I have spent a lot of time on Renner’s blog and have conducted my own research into this case. I even once asked my husband to drive up into the White Mountains so we could conduct our own search. Due to automobile issues, health problems, and vision concerns, we never made it up there. And now, I am pretty sure the effort, like many others before us, would have been in vain. I do not think Maura’s body is in those mountains. I would certainly like to see some semblance of closure and answers to this case, even if it means Maura is dead and I am wrong, but 13 years have passed, and the clues add up to a very different outcome.

Anyway, Renner recently locked his blog to serve as an archive and has moved on to different projects in his own life. Because of this, I want to reiterate some thoughts of my own about the whereabouts of Maura Murray and the reasoning behind this.  Since Maura’s mysterious disappearance in 2004, many theories have been postulated and explored to some degree. Ideas about the UMass student’s vanishing range from accidental death to suicide to murder, and running away of her own accord. And all this speculation and the false leads from trolls has lead to nothing more than rumor, innuendo, and more questions than we started out with. People have suggested everything from family involvement to a police cover-up to a serial killer and far more… yet Maura has never been found. And while there could be a number of reasons for this, if she is indeed dead; however, the clues lead to a totally different scenario.220px-mauramurrayin2003

First, I do believe the people in Maura’s life noticed that, at the very least, she was acting odd or had something big on her mind. And I do think those things explain certain events prior to her disappearance. However, I do not think those events had anything to do with Maura’s going missing, and I do not believe that any of the people in her life were directly involved in what happened to Maura. I do believe someone knows something though. Secondly, I am not going to rehash all the arbitrary clues, rumors, and innuendos.

Here are the clues that matter, in my opinion:

  1. Evidence found on Maura’s computer regarding a search for information on lodging and such leading to the White Mountains region of New Hampshire.
  2. Her personal belongings were packed up in her dorm room (even though some people claim she had been on break and was returning to school.. I do not buy that).
  3. Maura seemed to have a mental breakdown during her shift at work the night before her disappearance. This was supposedly brought on by a phone call; her supervisor escorted her bact to her dorm.
  4. Timing – student loan disbursements were becoming available when she vanished. It is still unclear just how much money Maura had on her or had access to’
  5. Possible sightings and intersecting use of identities.
  6. Lack of any other direct or circumstantial evidence that clearly indicates that Maura is dead and where her body is located.
  7. Comments left on Renner’s blog attributed to people who know Maura is alive and where she is living and others possibly attributed to Maura herself, indicating she had her reasons for leaving and wants to be left alone.
  8. After the wreck, a bus driver offered Maura a ride. She refused. She knew someone was coming. 14907238-maura-murray-2843924

Now, I certainly could be wrong  here, and I would not mind being proven wrong if it leads to answers, justice, and closure. However, here is what the clues tell me: Maura was under some serious family and academic pressure. At the same time, her personal life was a disaster (I assume we know very few intimate details in this matter, and given Maura’s age at the time, I am assuming she had yet to grow and gain control over such emotional turmoil. I think she was possibly being abused and threatened… I fwwl she felt her life was in danger, she wanted to run away, and she wanted a new start and a clean break from all the issues in her life. That was her right, and having been there, done that, I cannot say I would blame her one bit for saying “Screw it all” and walking away. Seriously, how do you think this Missouri girl (me) wound up in New Hampshire? I think it is possible that Maura was pregnant, which would certainly explain a lot, especially the pressing need for a new start. I think Maura was helped by an underground source, probably a group helping domestic violence victims. Such groups will and do go to extremes to hide and relocate domestic violence victims, including offering their own information as a means of hiding or changing identity. That explains at least a few of the clues above.

Bottom line? I’d love answers and closure in this case, but it may never happen. If  my theory is correct, and Maura is alive, as much as it may hurt, everyone has to accept the fact that Maura had her reasons and might never be in touch again. That is, of course, her choice.  Personally, I left MO for NH and few people knew. After I got here, it took a couple of years to really get things together and begin repairing certain relationships. And there are some I will never repair or attempt to repair. So I can see things from Maura’s point of view. If  she is alive, Maura will come forward if and when she is ready. If not, that is, again, her choice, and that has to be acknowledged and accepted. For now, the matter should be laid to rest until she comes forward or evidence is found to prove something else happened. Until then, we should all jut hope Maura is among the living and leading a happy life wherever she may be.maura_murray




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Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer by Janice Knowlton

Two Thumbs Down

I cringe every time I think of this book. I can certainly give credit where credit is due here; it took some real bravery to write and publish this story and to endure the public scrutiny. However, the scrutiny was not unwarranted.

In Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer, Knowlton claims her father was a troubled and abusive man who tortured and killed Elizabeth Short that fateful January night in 1947 while young Janice hid and watched. She further claims her father had ties to Orson Welles and Man Ray, and that, to some degree, these two were involved in the murder as well. Short’s body was then, allegedly, taken and posed in a grotesque display designed to mimic the artistic works of Ray.

I gave Knowlton’s story a chance, but by the end of the book I wanted to laugh hysterically. However, I was also disgusted. As someone who has studied psychology and human behavior for many years, the word exploitation comes to mind. Consider the elements: a vulnerable psych patient prone to suggestion, alleged repressed memories, a potentially manipulative third party with an ulterior motive, imagination, and of course, one infamous unsolved murder… it does not take rocket science to see through  the bullshit here.  And to top it off, the whole book reads like a tall tale with no evidence to support the finger-pointing except claims of long-repressed memories. I don’t buy it, Janice. I think it is safe to say that Daddy probably was not the Black Dahlia killer. And the claims about Orson Welles and Man Ray are hard to believe, but when you put it all together, it also does not make sense that, regardless of the posing and grotesque clown-like smile cut into Short’s face, there is no way the body was posed to mimic art. This crime has personal written all over it!

Stay tuned… there is more to consider in the case of Elizabeth Short.,



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Black Dahlia Murder: The Books

So, I said I was going to get back to writing ASAP… I think I will jump in head-first here, continuing with my Black Dahlia Series. I grew very tired of politics and current news over the last year, and I want to focus more on other topics of personal interest. This will be a rather short post, designed to simply introduce readers to upcoming topics in this series.

Over the years, a number of books have been written about the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short.  I have read all of them since my obsession began in 2004. The number of theories is both intriguing and disgusting. Some people make very outlandish claims. I mention this because upcoming posts include commentary on three of these books and theories.


Stay tuned…

imagesdownloaddownload (3)



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Did Y’all Miss Me

My blog  wound up in the backburner since August. I did not plan on such a lengthy hiatus.I had to fly to Missouri in September to testify in a trial, and then, between illness and the holidays, and taking some time to try and get my store back up and running, I simply have not had the time or energy to work on the blog.

So, I am back now and going to try to get back on track here. I gave the site a minor makeover and will resume writing posts this week.

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Stephie’s August 2016 Medical Update

I have not written much lately.Ihave been busy, feeling under the weather, and my one remaining semi-useful eye has been giving me some difficulty. There is not a lot of medical information to offer, at least not positive reports. I have a new primary care doctor because my last one went to do medical care for the homeless, which I commend. I also decided I am not satisfied with my endocrinologist and will begin seeing someone new on Sept. 7th. My weight, BP, and triglycerides keep bouncing around, and my blood glucose is not behaving. I am fighting hard to win this battle, but it is definitely uphill al the way. A lot of eventualities worry me now… I might even be able to say that some scare me a bit. I see my nephrologist on Monday for a six-month check-up on my kidneys. Then we move into September and see where we go from there. I expect three surgeries over the next couple of years. My gall bladder needs to go. Dental surgery is a must, and I will probably have a gynecological surgery to improve my health and prevent any future issues. Ok, so that’s all there is folks. Thanks for the support and encouragement as I keep truckin’ along.

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Justice For JonBenet… Headlines Fail To Deliver

images (1)

Boulder, CO – Who could forget the unbelievable death of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey on December 26, 1996. Even now, nearly 20 years later, the case details and the lack of resolution makes me sick. This kind of thing just is not supposed to happen. Not to a child. It’s a testament to the sick and evil world we live in. Last week’s issue of People Magazine boldly asks the question “Justice for JonBenet?”, promising “new twists.” And yet, the case still is not solved…

images (2)

John Mark Karr falsely confessed to the murder in 2006.

I saw this issue on the newsstand at Rite Aid and thought I would do my research and see where to go with a post on this case. Given the fact that no no clues have lead to justice in the past 20 years, and of course, we all remember the creepy John Mark Karr confession fiasco in 2006, I have been somewhat hesitant to tackle this cold case. Its not that I do not have any thoughts or opinions; it is that things are so up in the air, opinions vary, the case is super controversial, and well, the horrific murder of a child is simply tough to discuss. Still, I had to find out if the People article holds any water.

Really, People only seems to be providing a review of the details we all already know so well. Apparently, CBS is launching a new series focusing on the JonBenet Ramsey case, and her older brother Burke is set to speak publicly for the first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil next month. None of that proves any “new twists” in the case, and I do wonder if either the new series or Burke’s interview will lead to any resolution. I hope so, but I do have my doubts.

Nothing on is what we expect from their headlines. None of the videos will play correctly for me, and no it is not my computer. All the clues they mention just are not clear on the site, and frankly, I doubt they would make any valid new points if they were clear. One article does claim that the definitive clues has to do with the pineapple found on the counter and in the child’s stomach. The fruit was undigested and has lead to suspicion, especially with Patsy Ramsey’s denial that JonBenet had eaten any of the fruit prior to he so-called disappearance. Sure, it is suspicious and brings up more questions than answers, but it is not like anyone has gotten anywhere with any evidence!

So, we’ve got 140+ people investigated. Over 14,000 pieces of evidence, over 50,000 investigation documents, and the best we can do is “Pineapple is the key.”? Puh-leeze!!!


No six-year-old should ever look this way!

I am not sure what the headlines are supposed to accomplish aside from magazine sales. There certainly is nothing solid that could solve this case. And while I am hesitant to point fingers here, I will certainly say that this crime was never random. The keys are in the DNA and physical evidence (not the pineapple) and that damn 12 page ransom note. Come on! This stuff really raises the eyebrows, and yet no one has been able to positively put two and two together. I have a hard time believing an intruder killed JonBenet,,, that just does not fit with the evidence… will there ever be justice? I think someone in that family knows something… I would like to be proven wrong. And I would like to hear what the motive was, even if it is no excuse… just to lay the issue to rest. Anger over bedwetting, jealousy, money, sexual deviance… it makes my head spin and little makes sense. Still, I would bet my hat that those damn pageants had something to do with it all. images (3)

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Red Arrow Manchester NH Review

images (4)

Manchester, NH – If you’re in the area and looking for some tasty grub at an affordable price, have I got the place for you! Adam Sandler loves this place. In fact, he comes here on most trips home to Manchester, and frankly, I have to agree. The Red Arrow Diner is a frequent stop on my restaurant tour. I love eating here, even if I do not get to do it as often as I would like.

Located at 61 Lowell St. in downtown Manchester, this location is the flagship diner that started it all. It’s a cozy, nostalgic place complete with the soda fountain look, lots of great music piping inside and out, and awesome service. And of course, the food is to die for. They have an extensive menu, and being open 24 hours a day, you can get anything anytime. The place is always packed, has an amazing history, and has been visited by more than its fair share of celebrities and politicians.

My husband found this place when we were living in Concord because we like 24 hour Mom and Pop diners. There was nothing like that in Concord. So, we began driving to Manchester almost every week just to eat here. Eventually, Red Arrow played a huge role in our decision to relocate to Manchester.

I have never met anything on the menu that I do not like, but I want to emphasize a couple of items. Their breakfast menu is incredible, and they are never stingy with portions, no matter what you order. Now, I have to say they have the absolute best baked beans I have ever had, and their burgers are a work of art. Try the Dinah Moe Burger while you’re there. It’s a sandwich you have to fork!


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